Language Without Limits

We have developed a cloud based unified platform for all clients to manage every aspect of providing foreign language services.

Language Without Limits

We have developed a cloud based unified platform for all clients to manage every aspect of providing foreign language services.

Language Without Limits

We have developed a cloud based unified platform for all clients to manage every aspect of providing foreign language services.

Total Innovation

We have developed a cloud based unified platform for all clients to manage your foreign language services. This includes the whole process from receiving requests for services, scheduling, on-site interpretation, Virtual (Video) Remote Interpreting, document translation, accounts payable and receivables, reporting, compliance, quality assurance, training, security, etc. Our innovative team has designed geo-location mapping and notifications to allow clients to know if a resource/vendor is delayed based on current location and traffic conditions. Clients can be updated in real-time if desired. Algorithms manage the data based on requirements, qualifications, service levels, geo-location, cost efficiencies, field ratings, previous work experience, etc. This allows the highest quality, cost effective resources to be deployed with automation and consistency. Confirmations and notifications are built in to provide customers and vendors all required data points to complete the process with limited client involvement. If all systems are approved and in sync, appointment requests can be processed, booked and confirmed without human involvement. Customer specific forms, instructions, and automatic responses are fully integrated within the unified platform to provide each party the details necessary to complete each assignment.

Total Compliance

Language Services are regulated more each year. Language Service Providers (LSP) are required to ensure minimum standards are met to avoid costly liability and compromised quality of care. Total clients have access to online training programs that include Medical Interpreter Training (MIT-60) a 60 hour online course as well as H.I.P.A.A., Legal Interpreter Training, O.S.H.A training and Joint Commission Compliance Orientation. Training and orientation training can be created by the client to ensure all client specific knowledge is understood and documented. Each client establishes specific requirements for their account and only vendors that meet the requirement are shown as available for work.
This application is Hi-Trust Compliant, HIPAA Compliant and PHI Compliant.

  • Medical Interpreter
  • Legal Interpreter
  • H.I.P.A.A
  • O.S.H.A
  • Hi – Trust Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PHI Compliant

Next Generation Language Service Platform

  • Logistical Management Superiority

    See where your Interpreters are and receive notifications if Google forecasts delays. TL2 will update interpreters in real time when traffic conditions change on their best route and will notify you of these changes. TL2 also updates vendor calendars to ensure appointments have been scheduled accurately without human error.

  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

    You can now offer all of your clients this next generation service. Utilize our resources while you build your own to increase margins. Build loyalty programs with your vendors for keeping their workload balanced and reliable.

  • Advanced Administration

    The logic that has been developed by Total Language exceeds any that is currently on the market today. No other software provides all the tools to manage a Language Service Provider business and extends your current customer base to an international reach. Deploy your mobile applications nationally and begin building a national company resource today.

About Total Language

Total Language has been designed, developed and deployed to Language Service Providers (LSP) across the United State, Canada and Europe. Total Language integrates language services with today’s software capabilities. We have removed all the limitations that face today’s LSP’s. Total has advanced the language industry forward by incorporating training, management, logistics and compliance with interpretation and translation services.

The ability to utilize virtual remote interpreters from within your company as well as with downstream providers has removed the geographical limitations that face organizations in the past. Total provides the ability to develop a larger vendor pool, expand service areas, grow your customer base, expand service offerings and manage resources. That ability, combined with a financial package that manages payables and receivables along with the costs associated with all of the above, is a tool that has never been available before.

Communication on Demand


When I sit with a client that has worked as an interpreter or in an interpreting department and demonstrates our Total solution, they light up with enthusiasm and disbelief. Our cost cutting tools allow companies to sign up for services with an immediate return on investment of fewer than 6 months. We have implemented our software and before the first fiscal review we can report factual data on reductions in costs and enhanced quality of care and performance.

Jeff LeBlanc
Director of Business Development

Total Management

Our management team has built this platform to support administration, human resources, finance, security, compliance as well as scheduling and translation teams. Located in the Cloud this SAAS is accessible from anywhere at any time. Multiple redundant servers ensure that your data is safe, the ability to backup locally as well as on our systems protects against lost data. Access to each task, department and service is managed by authorization that can be set individually or by a group. Authorization extends to vendors and clients and provide controls that allow confidence in the system and the reliability of our systems. Total language developers are available to customize your module to meet your companies specific needs and requirements.

  Human Resource Management
Billed + Develop + MGT Vendors
  Accounts Recievable/ Payable
Full sync API for Quickbooks
  Scheduling MGT
Geo-location, Rate Center, Notification Booking,
Automated Confirmation with Customer + Vendor
Security, Redundancy, Back Up, Disaster Recovery

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