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The Total Language Scheduling Platform is the most robust, technically advanced system ever designed. With today’s AI built into the operational structure of the code, we can design, develop and deploy updates in real time. API’s can be added within hours rather than days and weeks from some providers. These features allow clients to add specialized features that have previously been reserved for software companies only.

The cloud based platform is supported by Amazon Web Services. AWS is the largest most reliable platform ever built. Our servers are redundant and global. Data will be safe regardless of any regional emergencies as we have recently seen in Texas and Florida. We have multi-layer security that begins with Cisco. The largest security appliance company in the world is where we start. Full security assessments are available to clients including our WISP.

The schedule, our calendar view or list view options allow you to see the data in your preferred format. From these views the appointments can be selected, edited and saved or deleted without changing screens. Modifications to an appointment regardless of change will be updated in the system and vendors are notified immediately. New forms will be sent if required as will be cancellation notices if the vendor is changed. If the appointment changes are within an established cancellation window, a popup will remind you of the cost and require approval based on authorization levels that are also assigned individually or by group. Analytics assist the software to recommend the best fit service providers as preset by the client. Some clients choose cost as a weighted scale of 8 and experience as a weighted scale of 6. Distance might be only be weighed as a 2 if the client is not concerned about travel time or mileage.

Recurring Scheduling, One Time Appointments and Dispatching

Schedule services to automatically show up on your schedule at the intervals you need with our scheduling service software for QuickBooks. Services can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or at any other interval you require. Total is the most flexible and powerful scheduling solution available for your industry. Easily schedule one time services for a specific time, date and crew – or add the one time service to the Waiting List to be dispatched later with our scheduling service dispatching software.
List View, Day View, and Zone

List View, Day View, and Zone Based Scheduling & Projects

The List View Calendar is great for companies that do not schedule services by time of day, but are more concerned with the routing order of the services a certain crew has scheduled for a specific date range. The Day View Calendar is the easiest and most flexible way for you to see what services are scheduled for which crews, for specific times on specific days. It is easy to see which crews are working in which geographical area with our scheduling software for services. Also, Zone Based Scheduling is used when you schedule services far into the future, but do not assign specific dates. Instead, you know that you’ll be servicing the customer when you perform the same service for everyone else in the geographical area. Project Scheduling allows you to schedule a multi-day service, with many different tasks, assigned to one or more crews, spanning an indefinite date range.
Quickbooks Integration
Total Scheduling Software is a scheduling, job costing and batch invoicing program, designed for QuickBooks users in the field services industry. Total will allow you to schedule one time and recurring services for your QuickBooks customers, print route lists and work orders, record start and stop times, enter materials used, and then post the work back to QuickBooks as an invoice. Total provides you with a powerful tool to manage your operations, but allows you to continue using QuickBooks for all accounting activities. Explore the full suite of Total features and benefits.

Every Total user has something in common – they all use QuickBooks! As a result every feature in Total Scheduling Software is designed to look, feel, and operate the way you and your staff are used to in QuickBooks.

We put such a high priority on having the best QuickBooks integration, we developed Total-SYNC to have the fastest and most reliable integration possible. Nothing integrates with QuickBooks like Total!

Schedule services to automatically show up on your schedule at the intervals you need. Services can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or at any other interval you require. Total is the most flexible and powerful software for scheduling available for your industry.

Mapping - Dispatching Software
This add-on module* takes all the services scheduled for a day and plots them onto a Microsoft MapPoint map. Total Mapping rearranges the services into the optimal order based on shortest distance and lowest driving cost and gives you the optimized map and driving directions as a result. Don’t just hope that your employees are servicing customers in the best order, guarantee it with our dispatching software. By providing your employees with detailed driving directions each day, you take the guesswork out of routing.

You no longer need to spend hours in the evening manually calculating routes for your employees. Just schedule the services that have to be done and our mapping software for dispatching will tell you the best order to do them in. Also, despite what they say, employees don’t always know their service area as well as they might have you think. When they get lost, you pay the cost. With detailed maps and driving directions generated from Total Mapping, you will never have to worry about your employees getting lost again.

When new customers call your office, you can quickly find out if they are in your service area by plotting them on a map. In seconds, you can tell if it makes sense to add them to the dispatch software as a customer.